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RV Storage in Jacksonville, FL

Super Toys Storage is your RV’s safe haven. Our fully enclosed facility offers security, comfort, and convenience. We protect your investment so you can rest assured it’s always in good hands.

Inside our fire-protected and fully enclosed facility, your hardworking vehicles are afforded the R&R they deserve. Comfort and safety are important to us which is why our climate-controlled storage offers the best home for your beloved treasures. Our video monitoring system, remote key entry, and 24-hour access ensure your vehicle is always secure, yet equally accessible to you. Located on the J-Tech campus, Super Toys Storage also enjoys the added security accompanying an association with this accredited institution.

  • Fire-Protected, Fully Enclosed, Climate-Controlled Storage

    With our fully enclosed storage units, you’ll never have to worry about exposure to the elements. Our fire-protected and climate-controlled environment also means your vehicles are safe from unforgiving flames and the Florida heat.

  • Secure with Video Monitoring and Remote Key Access

    Security is crucial when it comes to your possessions. Our video monitoring system ensures a watchful eye at all times and our remote key access is both secure and convenient. Ample lighting provides additional safety for after-hours visits. We also enjoy the added security that accompanies our location on the J-Tech campus.

  • Electrical Hookups Available

    We understand some toys require more attention than others. For that reason, our inside storage units provide electrical hookups for your convenience. The available 110-volt service can accommodate trickle charging systems so your vehicles are always ready to go.

  • Reasonable Rates

    Between our inside and outside storage options, we’re sure you’ll find the best price to suit your needs. We offer flat monthly rates for vehicles up to 20’ and per foot monthly rates for larger toys. Our storage rates range from $50.00 to $150.00 per month (up to 20’) and from $5.00 to $10.00 per foot per month (larger than 20’), depending on the type of vehicle. For trailerable boats with 10’ and 12’ beams (up to 40’ long), we also offer per foot per month rates ranging from $7.00 to $16.00. View our price list for a breakdown of all rates.

Around the Clock Access

Unlike other storage facilities, we don’t hold your belongings hostage after 5 pm. Simply request your toy be placed in our temporary “holding area” and enjoy 24-hour access for drop-off and pick-up. Come and go when it’s convenient for you and feel confident knowing you always have free reign over your toys.


Located on the J-Tech campus, Super Toys Storage encompasses the large warehouse area situated at the south side of the building. Follow the large signs that will easily direct you to our facility.